Ask Me, I Dare You

Stop and take time to listen to the endless whisperings of creativity that come from within us all. I try to learn from those around me and that's why I started writing here. Be bold, have fun, learn something.

I used to live there
In one cage.
Six sides of an ironclad moment.

An Axis shifted

One day.
Scatted six ways.

I live defying moments
Six, in the past,
Six, in the future,

What happens today?
Tomorrow, I exist
Where I can.  

1 year ago
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I would run from this, But to be perfectly frank, I don’t think I can.

2 years ago
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If life were so simple one might find it dull.
Though complexity does not carve that edge,
but rather circumstance will make the man,
and softness defines strength.
It’s the little things that matter,
Not money, not things, not life itself,
  for one cut short matters the same.
It’s others that carry weight,
interaction that creates.
Life is what it is,
and also what it isn’t.
A path of life once said,
"I could have been, therefore I am,
But not in this time.”

2 years ago
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Opposition is the precursor to success

2 years ago
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What knowledge is lost,
What skills are forgotten.
Vanished into the blackness,
Buried in a hole of dark time.
Minds mysteriously extinguished,
Spirits suddenly crushed.
What inheritances are lost,
What brilliance is forgotten.
What more shall we now see
In the years to come.

2 years ago
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Would it be so wrong to fall deep into a dream brimming with possibility?

2 years ago
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You are an idea,
A fleeting thought,
Someone who cannot be.

A person so intentionally flawed,
Ingrained with sorrow,
Too happy to cry.

You are who you are,
What I cannot,
Would not,

You are an idea,
I am me.

2 years ago
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I want to look you in the eye and tell you to move on,
But it’s not my place.

2 years ago
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Dreams of Sleep (Soulsearcher)

Can you truly see something in a dream,
Your dream,
to make you question who you are?
What kind of crafted reality would it take?
The inspiration, causation;
a simple illusion crafted by the mind
so undeniable, so incomprehensibly fake,
and valid, trick the heart itself.
So simple a query,
do you know what,
No, who you will find.

2 years ago
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The leaves came and went
Somehow it seems I forgot to enjoy them
My sincerest apologies Mother Nature

2 years ago
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